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    Professional Development

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    Peer Observations
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    Somers Point Professional Development OnDemand
    Professional Development on what you want to learn about, when you want to  learn about it.  Our new initiative puts teachers in command of their professional  growth and lifelong learning. Match your learning to what you are doing in your  classroom so that you can walk away with something new to try. 
    • Want to use blogs in your classroom but don't know how...
    • Want to learn more about how to model synthesizing...
    • Want help creating a technology integrated project...
    • Want to learn some hands-on ways to teach math concepts...
    • Want someone to model a specific lesson in your classroom...
    • Want to learn more about the subject area you are teaching...

    Through our resources in-district, our partnership with the ETTC/SRI, professionals from neighboring districts, online resources, and more we can provide you with a way to get the information that you need!  

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    Are you interested in becoming a mentor?  Take the self-survey below to see if you qualify.  If you decide you would like to be a mentor please print and complete the application form and forward it to Michelle Kaas.  This will provide each building principal with a pool of mentors to choose from to best meet the needs of the novice teacher.  

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