• Philosophy


    Somers Point Schools will help students understand their past and present to become responsible and productive citizens in a democratic society and a globally interdependent world. Through an integrated study of social studies our mission is to provide learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to be active, informed citizens and contributing members of local, state and world communities.


    Educational Goals & Beliefs


    • All students learn through a variety of relevant experiences. Therefore, we will provide interactions that activate and build on prior knowledge and promote higher level thinking skills.
    • Research shows active learning is essential. Therefore, we will provide students with a variety of active, student-centered, multisensory learning opportunities.
    • Instruction should be relevant, meaningful, and based on student needs. Therefore, we will provide opportunities for students to make connections to their own lives using a variety of instructional strategies.
    • The world is constantly changing. Therefore, we will provide the opportunities for students to understand that the present connects to the past and affects the future.
    • We live in a culturally diverse, global society. Therefore, we will develop student understanding of diverse cultures that honors equality and human dignity.
    • Assessment should be ongoing, diagnostic, and aligned with instruction. Therefore, we will provide multiple authentic assessment tools.
    • The use of community resources is essential for effective instruction. Therefore, we will use the rich history and ethnic diversity of our community to enhance learning.
    • Active and informed citizen participation is essential to democracy. Therefore, we will provide instruction and curriculum designed to develop students who will be informed, active problem solvers, and willing participants in the democratic process.
    • Students are citizens of a connected, digital society. Therefore they will utilize technology as a tool to solve problems and build relationships.