• Health

    Philosophy of Health Education

    A comprehensive school health program should influence, in a positive manner, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, ultimately leading to an enhanced quality of life for students. Through the involvement of home, school and community, the comprehensive school health program should relate to every aspect of a child’s life including the physical, mental, social, and emotional development.

    Basic knowledge and skills, as well as a positive self-concept are necessary if an individual is to make wise health-related decisions. It is important to involve young people in a health program in a meaningful way so as to guide them in the development of healthy lifestyle practices. Through a comprehensive school health program, children can become empowered from a young age to choose health-enhancing behaviors and to alter the environments that affect them throughout their lifetime.

    Educational Goals

    The goals of health education for students from Kindergarten to grade 8 are to


    • Acquire and evaluate health-related information
    • Make knowledgeable decisions to improve their health
    • Apply their decisions to improve their physical, mental and social well-being and that of their peers, families and communities