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    Somers Point Schools are a member of the Atlantic Cape Jr. High League. Our eligibility requirements are dictated by the rules of the League.
    Students in grades 5-8 are eligible for all non-contact sports. This includes Cross Country in the Fall and Track & Field in the Spring.
    Students in Grades 6-8 are eligible for Boys & Girls Soccer, Field Hockey, Boys & Girls Basketball, Softball, & Baseball.
    Required Paperwork
    Your athlete was given a Student Athlete Contract and a Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Young Athletes Brochure. In order for your athlete to be eligible to compete, they MUST return both forms, signed by a parent or guardian. Please review these papers with your student athlete.
    Sports Physicals
    Yearly physicals ARE REQUIRED for participation in all school athletics. Please see your school nurse for the required paperwork if you still need a physical in order to participate in sports this year.