• Basic Skills Program Description
    Revised 2007
    Parental Involvement
    A vital aspect of the BSI program is strong parental involvement.  Research highlights the impact parent involvement has on student achievement.
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    A. Purpose of Basic Skills Improvement
    The Somers Point Schools Basic Skills Improvement program (BSI) is
    designed to provide additional assistance in language arts and/or mathematics
    for students in kindergarten through eighth grade with identified academic needs.
    Students who meet designated criteria will receive support within the classroom
    and supplemental instruction when necessary. Specialized teachers in each
    school will closely monitor BSI students and provided targeted interventions
    designed to help students reach grade-level proficiency levels. Pupil progress
    will be regularly assessed throughout the program, and reported to parents.
    Close collaboration between the classroom, and BSI teacher is essential to
    providing the optimum level of academic support for the student.
    B. Identifying BSI Students
    1. Eligibility for basic skills is dependent upon test results. Minimum
    levels of proficiency established by the Department of Education
    are used as the initial eligibility criteria.
    2. In addition to state mandated criteria, the local district established
    additional eligibility criteria:
       i. For students in Grades K – 2 that do not take formal state
          tests the district will use screening results and/or DRA
          results to identify students.
       ii. Students that receive free and reduced lunch will also be
          eligible for the program.
       iii. TEAM referrals will be eligible for BSI instruction depending
          on the recommendation of the committee.
    C. Program Procedures
    1. Upon determination of eligibility, students are scheduled into the
    appropriate basic skills program.
    2. Parents are notified of student’s eligibility by letter.
    3. The BSI teacher develops an Individual Student Improvement Plan.
    4. Parent-teacher communication is ongoing via:
       i. Two parent meetings each year – Fall and Spring
       ii. BSI progress reports
       iii. Parent conferences 
    D. Exiting Students from the Basic Skills Program
    1. Students exit the BSI program when they have demonstrated
    proficiency in each skill area, in which deficiencies were identified.
    2. Proficiency is determined by the student achieving proficiency
    levels on same assessments and criteria utilized to determine
    entrance to the program.
    3. Students that achieve proficiency levels will move to Transitional
    BSI status. The status will allow the BSI teacher to closely monitor
    the student’s progress to ensure that growth continues.
    4. The student is included in posttest activities and the results are
    included in the evaluative data for the program.
    5. For those instances when a parent is dissatisfied with the student’s
    program and seeks to have his/her child removed, the district will
    communicate the importance of the program and its relationship to
    state testing standards. The parent my then request a meeting with
    the building principal, BSI Coordinator, and the teacher (s) involved.
    6. Only the district has the option to remove such students from the
    basic skills program.
    E. Responsibilities of the BSI Teacher
    1. Develop an Individual Student Improvement Plan for each student
    that he/she is servicing.
    2. Keep a log of anecdotal information on student’s performance
    during in-class support.
    3. Keep a log of supplemental services provided on a weekly basis.
    F. Responsibilities of the Classroom Teacher
    1. Provide the BSI teacher with specific information gleaned from the
    DRA assessments, classroom assessments, and classroom
    observations about the specific skill areas in which the students
    need remediation.
    2. Provide the BSI teacher with weekly lesson plans.