• Philosophy

    An effective science curriculum…

    • Reflects the belief that all students can and must learn enough science to assume their roles as concerned citizens equipped with necessary information and decision-making skills;
    • Reflects a nature of knowledge, pedagogy, and nature of human development linked to empirical research;
    • Recognizes that an inquiry-based method is used to study sound science content;
    • Encourages teachers to view that the study of science should be interesting and relevant to students’ lives, emphasize student understanding through inquiry and be connected with other school subjects especially math.

     Unifying Concepts and Processes

    An effective science curriculum incorporates the following while addressing the content areas…

    • Systems, order and organizations
    • Evidence, models and explanation
    • Changes, constancy and measurement
    • Evolution and equilibrium
    • Form and function
    • Abilities to do and understanding of scientific inquiry
    • Technology
    • Social perspective