• Somers Point School District
    Mission and Vision

    Somers Point Board of Education Mission


    The mission of the Somers Point Board of Education is to foster life-long learning by encouraging our students to discover their fullest potential to become proactive citizens. This is accomplished through:


    • Offering diverse, challenging, effective and progressive programs in a safe, nurturing environment
    • Adequate facilities and resources
    • Our students mastering the knowledge and tools needed for success.
    • Educational partnership of home, school and community members


    Somers Point Board of Education Vision


    To be recognized as the pre-eminent catalyst of successful, life-long learners throughout our community. This will be achieved through:


    • A commitment to progressive educational programs
    • A dedication to high student achievement
    • A focus on community awareness and participation
    • Valuing the integrity of all individuals
    • Inclusion of all constituents including students, parents, teachers, administrators, Board of Education and community members (citizens, businesses and government)


    Somers Point Board of Education Commitments, Values & Beliefs


    Empower each student to make responsible choices, meet challenges, achieve personal success, and to contribute to a global society as they apply the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards to become autonomous, lifelong learners who are literate, problem solvers across all disciplines.


    We believe that our empowered learners:


    • Participate in educational programs that are designed to meet the needs of learners while providing challenging activities in the context of real life situations
    • Are aware of community issues and take part in activities to better their community
    • Acquire basic skills in obtaining information, thinking critically, solving problems and communicating effectively
    • Develop intellectual curiosity and the ability to access information as needed
    • Become reflective learners that have an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses
    • Develop the aptitudes and skills to adjust to a changing world and an unpredictable future
    • Are lifetime learners who value and accept learning as a continuing and dynamic process affecting all aspects of life.


    Somers Point District Goals for Students


    The Somers Point Public School District endeavors to prepare every student to:


    • Acquire basic skills in obtaining information, thinking critically, solving problems and communicating effectively
    • Acquire a stock of basic information concerning the principles of the physical, biological and social sciences; the historical record of human achievements and failures; and current social issues
    • Become an effective and responsible contributor to the decision-making processes and activities of the community, state, country and world
    • Acquire the ability and the desire to express him/herself creatively in one or more of the arts and to appreciate the aesthetic expressions of other people
    • Acquire the knowledge, habits and attitudes that promote personal and public health, both physical and mental
    • Acquire the capacities for playing satisfying and responsible roles in family life
    • Develop career awareness throughout the curriculum
    • Develop intellectual curiosity and a zest for knowledge
    • Acquire the understanding of and the ability to form responsible relations with a wide range of other people, including characteristics different from his/her own
    • Acquire an understanding of ethical principles and values and the ability to apply them to his/her own life
    • Develop an understanding of his/her own worth, abilities, potentials and limitations
    • Develop attitudes and acquire the skills to adjust to a changing world in an unpredictable future.