• Philosophy
    Somers Point School Districts’ Fine Art program provides a foundation for a comprehensive education which aides in developing of a wide range of skills significant to many aspects of life, work and technological advances.  Stimulating the student body with “hands-on” activities will develop creative thinking skills, problem solving skills, self-expression and competency across the academic curricula.
    Fine Art is an important discipline that embodies a wealth of universal ideas, values, feelings and technologies that have become an integral part of our civilization and heritage.  A quality Art Education is a vehicle for students to learn and contribute according to their diverse individual learning styles and cultural influences.
    Art Education will enrich the understanding of accomplishments made by women and man of diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds.  Accompanied with the use of appropriate technological tools, a student educated through structured and sequential learning activities in a “Discipline Based Arts Education,” will acquire the necessary skills to understand, use and appreciate history, creation, and aesthetics in the world around them and criticism in their everyday lives.