• English Language Arts


    Somers Point Schools will provide students with a comprehensive, integrated, Common Core State Standards-based language arts program that actively involves learners in authentic and meaningful reading writing, speaking, and listening experiences. Students will be provided with effective learning strategies to help them reach their maximum level of proficiency as communicators, problem solvers, and critical thinkers.

    Educational Goals & Beliefs

    • Students are unique and reflect a wide range of diversity.
      • Therefore, a variety of instructional strategies and resources will be used to reflect and respect a wide range of diversity.


    • All students will become empowered by developing their literacy abilities to their fullest potential.
      • Therefore, the skills of literacy will be taught in meaningful ways, using instructional strategies which accommodate various learning styles.


    • Students learn best through a variety of language experiences that actively engage them in the acquisition of both basic and higher level thinking skills.
      • Therefore, curriculum needs to be presented in an integrated format, which utilizes a balanced literacy approach.


    • Learning is best enhanced when assessment informs and drives instruction.
      • Therefore, assessment will be systematic and closely linked to instruction in order to facilitate sound instructional decisions for each student.


    • Becoming literate is dependent upon strong links among home, school, and the community.
      • Therefore, the various roles of home, school, and community will be highlighted through effective communication and reinforcement of partnerships.