National Junior Honor Society

    Charter Rules and Regulations

    Jordan Road School 2019-2020


    Are you interested in being a part of National Junior Honor Society? Being apart of this organization is honorable and will be highly regarded upon entering high school. NJHS prides itself on the 5 pillars: character, scholarship, leadership, service, and citizenship.

    Requirements for Membership:

    Ø Per national guidelines, at a minimum, students must have a cumulative GPA of 85, B, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, in all subject areas, in order to be eligible to apply.  The GPA will be calculated using the following conversion:

    Exceeding Standards - 4.0
    Meeting Standards = 3.0
    Approaching Standards - 2.0
    Not Yet = 1.0.

    Students should also maintain Meeting Standards (3.0) on all College and Career Readiness Standards.

    Ø Discipline will be reviewed for administrative approval.

    Ø Apply for acceptance which includes letters of recommendation, list of current activities and community service, and essay of interest.

    Ø Attend induction ceremony in the fall of 8th grade year.

    Once accepted into membership the following is required:

    Ø Fulfill service requirement of 15 hours.

    Ø Attend at least 75% of the club meetings.

    Ø Maintain grade average of 3.0 or higher: Student will be placed on probation for one trimester if GPA drops below 3.0.  If the GPA returns to 3.0 or above, the probation is ended. If the student’s GPA improves, but does not reach 3.0 the probation continues for an additional trimester.  After two trimesters of a GPA below 3.0, the student may be dismissed from NJHS.

    Ø Maintain character status:  Student will be placed on probation after receipt of an after-school detention, Saturday detention, and/or AEP; student will be evaluated by faculty council and possibly suspended from honor society upon the receipt of an after-school detention, Saturday detention, and/or AEP.  An out-of-school suspension will result in an automatic review from the faculty council with possible suspension from the club. In addition, an administrative discipline review may be done at any time for accumulation of incidents.

  • Any questions or concerns? Please contact one of the NJHS advisors:

    Ms. Cowley 
    Room #123 
    609-927-7161 (ext: 1123) 
    Middle School Math 

    Ms. Cassaro
    Room #110
    609-927-7161 (ext: 1110)
    Middle School ELA