• In addition to mastering grade level New Jersey Student Learning Standards, our focus is on becoming productive, civic minded adults.  Students are encouraged to make choices, take learning risks and accept responsibility for their actions.

    "Employees with successful career paths learn to communicate effectively, engage appropriately with others, and be self-reliant. Effective career readiness and employability strategies are those that develop the whole learner and include personal and social capabilities; critical thinking and problem-solving skills; and academic and occupational knowledge." http://www.pearsoned.com/higher-education/topics-in-higher-education/career-readiness-and-employability/21st-century-skills/ 
    I consider it an honor and privilege to work with your child every day.  Please contact me with any concerns or thoughts you may have on how to make this a productive and engaging year for your child.  I can be reached at mperone@sptsd.org.